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Critic’s Choice Movie

Critic’s Choice Movie

Join us for our Critic’s Choice Film Series once a month. The FREE movie is presented the fourth Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm in the Community Room.

Snacks are provided.

If you have any questions, please call the library at (715) 536-7191.

RESPECT movie poster

September 28, 2022 at 1:00PM

Respect (2021)

This is the true story of the remarkable, Aretha Franklin. This biographical drama depicts Franklin’s life from the time she was a musical prodigy by age 10, through the arduous years as abused wife and struggling singer, to the culmination of the superstar we all know today.

Rated: PG-13
Run time: 2 hr 25 min

KNIVES OUT movie poster

October 26, 2022 at 1:00PM

Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out is a modern-day murder mystery complete with a corpse, a detective, and a mansion full of dysfunctional family members and staff all of whom are suspects. This film combines mystery, drama, and comedy with a cast full of memorable characters.

Rated: PG-13
Run time: 2 hr 10 min

WE BOUGHT A ZOO movie poster

November 23, 2022 at 1:00PM

We Bought a Zoo (2011)

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson star in this family comedy-drama film about a widower with 2 children who purchases a dilapidated zoo. The challenges they face in reopening the zoo can either pull this family apart or draw them closer together.

Rated: PG
Run time: 2 hr 4 min

PRANCER movie poster

December 28, 2022 at 1:00PM

Prancer (1989)

What is more Christmas than a young girl who still believes in Santa Claus and a real-life reindeer? This heartwarming movie brings a whole town together, but not before big problems and conflicts arise for her family and the reindeer she nurses back to health. Rebecca Harrell and Sam Elliott star in this feel good holiday classic.

Rated: G
Run time: 1 hr 42 min

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